Boyne Valley Art

Bernadette Fox

Textile Making / Fashion Designer

I am a Textile Artist, I design & create three dimensional framed Artwork pieces,  I also sell bespoke Silk Scarves from my original Artwork.

Inspiration for my work comes from my garden and the natural beauty of my surroundings, living and working in the heartland of the Boyne Valley. The seasonal colour changes of flowers and foliage produces an ever changing landscape, rich in heritage, mythology and sacred symbolism. From the rugged coastline of the Wild lAtlantic Way to Ireland's Ancient East, I capture sea views, bog lands, hills and valleys using traditional materials and skills to create individually made contemporary Artwork.

products & services

Bespoke  Framed Textile Artwork Commission Service.   Textile Artwork Available to Purchase.   Silk Scarves from my Original Artwork  Designs.

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