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Meath Made Group
Meath Made Group

We are a forward-thinking collective of designers and crafts people driven by passion — and fuelled by curiosity.

a selective collective

Aims & Objectives

  • To promote and showcase excellence in craft & design
  • To support members in the development of a sustainable business
  • To create opportunities for network members
  • To assist and nurture members, to help them achieve their full potential
  • To be affiliated to the Design & Crafts Council Ireland

Membership & subscription

  • Membership will be open to skilled craft designer / makers, residing within the boundaries of County Meath 
  • Applications for membership shall be subject to approval of the association and the conditions it lays down as the standards.
  • Craft designer/ makers shall not be accepted as members until their membership fee is paid when due

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Our selective collective features over 38 talented designer-makers spread across the Royal County, with more to join over the coming months. With a avast array of crafts and trades, our makers present their individual profiles, where they share their work, bio, services offered, product imagery, social links and contact details. Use our interactive map to review each profile.

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