Vaida Rasciute

Textile Making / Fashion Designer

Vaida Rasciute is the creative director and designer behind UPA, an Irish luxury kids-wear brand that seamlessly blends artistry and sustainability. With a  strong Irish heritage, UPA takes great pride in creating exquisite linen  garments that weave enchanting narratives. Manufactured in Ireland and  Lithuania, each collection reflects meticulous attention to detail and a deep  commitment to responsible production. UPA's designs have garnered  international recognition and can be found in independent boutiques spanning  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, New York, China, Hong Kong, Belgium, and even  prestigious locations like Harvey Nichols in Qatar. With prestigious  accolades like the Best Brand Pitti Bimbo Award in Italy and the IDI Award in  Ireland, Vaida Rasciute and UPA foster a vibrant community, uniting  creativity, sustainability, and a sense of belonging.

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